Stunning Silver Full Rosary Beads with Icon. Please Read Description

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Absolutely Stunning Silver Classic Rosary Beads, Blessed Rosary from Jerusalem, The Holy Land

Full description:

* Brand new full rosary 
* Beautifully made from Silver 
* An icon of Our Lady to give it that special unique finishing. 
* Very detailed and will appreciate once seen.
* Very comfortable to wear and pray
* Very high quality Rosary
* Love it or Simply return it to us ( But we know you will fall in love with this unique Rosary )
* Unisex
* Length from top to bottom 45 cm / 17.71 inches. Length to fit neck 31 cm / 12.20 inches
* Ideal gift for any special Christian occasion ( First Holy Communion, Baptism, Wedding, Priest / Nun, Minister, Confirmation )
* Free luxury gift box and Personalised hand written card of your choice ( see last picture / please send your words on notes to be written when placing your order )
* Free booklet how to pray the Rosary with each order.
* Free Holy Land Banner Pen as a gift from us.
* A very meaningful gift.
* We Sell Quality Not Quantity. 

Additional Information about the Rosary
A Rosary is a string of beads containing 5 sets of 10 beads in each set ( called a decade),The full Rosary contains 59 Beads. 
The meaning of the Latin originated word Rosary is a crown of roses, as the rose being one of the flowers symbolising the Virgin Mary. The purpose of the Rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events in the history of salvation, and to accompany you with blessings during your prayers. First are the introductory prayers: one Apostles Creed, one Our Father (Lord’s Prayer), three Hail Mary’s one Glory Be.

+☆ Your purchase supports Christian Craftsman and their families in Bethlehem, The Birthplace of Jesus Christ.☆+.

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Thank you and God bless