Large Luminous Glow in the dark wall Saints Rosary 1.3m 51", info in description

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Stunning extra Large Luminous Glow in the dark wall Rosary beads with all Saints

Phosphors radiate visible light after being energised. This means you have to expose the items to light for a while before they will glow in the dark.
Phosphors then slowly release their stored energy over time. As they release the energy, they emit small amounts of light, which we see as an object glowing.

* Luminous Wall Rosary.
* Suitable for family gathering prayers. 
* Length of full Rosary is 1.3 meters ( 130 cm ) 51.18 inch
* Each bead is 2 cm in length and 1.5 cm width. 
* Each bead has different Saint pictures ( St Anthony, St Michael, Sacred heart of Jesus , our Lady and baby Jesus , Cross and more ) 
* Figure of Christ on the Cross is made from Pewter. 
* St Benedict with prayer icon medal at the back of the Cross.  
* This is a full Rosary. 
* Free Holy Land Pen or Fridge magnet as a gesture of apperception. . 
* Free ( how to pray the Rosary card ) for all family members, please send us a note when you buy how many Cards you require please. 
Thank you & God bless