Hand made Olive Wood Tau Cross / St Anthony Cross Jerusalem Key Ring.

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Hand made Olive Wood Tau Cross Jerusalem Key Ring. Absolutely Stunning  

* Hand made from olive tree. 
* Made in the Heart of Jerusalem, The Holy Land.
* Made from a single piece of olive wood. 
* Engraved the Figure of Christ inside the Cross and engraving of the Word Jerusalem.
* Smooth Finishing 
* Keychain but can be used as a souvenir too. 
* Wrapped in a nice Holy Land Card with a certificate at the back.
Dimensions: Approximately:- 5.50 cm x 3.50 cm  x 1 cm 
* Weight: Approximately-between 13 and 15 g. 
* Great gift to someone special  

More information about the Tau Cross: The tau cross is a T-shaped cross, sometimes with all three ends of the cross expanded. It is called a “tau cross” because it is shaped like the Greek letter tau, which in its upper-case form has the same appearance as Latin letter T.

Another name for the same object is Saint Anthony's cross or Saint Anthony cross, a name given to it because of its association with Saint Anthony of Egypt.

It is also called a crux commissa, one of the four basic types of iconographic representations of the cross. 

The name of the letter T/u03C4 in the Greek, Hebrew and ancient Semitic alphabets, being the nineteenth letter of the Classical and Modern Greek, the twentieth letter of Old and Ancient Greek. taunoun. A -shaped sign or structure; a St. Anthony's cross, sometimes considered as a sacred symbol.

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