Hand Made Olive Wood & Mother Of Pearl Crucifix From Bethlehem,The Holy Land

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This beautiful handmade Olive Wood & Mother Of Pearl Crucifix is made by local artisans and Blessed in the Heart of Bethlehem,The Holy Land. 
This hand crafted item offers original and unique beauty. 

* Hand Made from Olive Tree & Mother Of Pearl 
* Silver Pewter Figure of Christ
* Stunning Standing Cross or can be dismantle and placed on shelf, table etc ( Check Pictures please )
* 14 stations of the Cross are printed on the back ( great for Easter time home praying, or Children learning )
* Dimensions are: Length 25 cm , With Base 27 cm , Width 14.5 cm , Depth 3 cm 
Weight's :- On Average:- 322 g. 
* 5 Treasures of the Holy Land, 5 Glass windows Symbolise the elements of Jesus...The bottom glass (Flowers) from Bethlehem, Left glass (Frankincense) from Bethlehem, Right glass (Stones,Rocks) to remind us where Jesus Prayed on the Rock of Jerusalem, Top glass (Olive leaf) from the Tree Of Life, Centre Glass ( Star Of Bethlehem, Contains dried flowers from Jerusalem). 

*A leaflet will be provided with the Crucifix when purchased.*  

Beautiful & Meaningful gift to someone special

Ideal way to Bless your home, Awesome gift for a Priest,Nun,Minister,Friends and Family, Or any other Religious person. 

++ Treasure a real unique blessed gift from the Holy Land ++

♡ Having a precious Crucifix in your home that comes directly from the Holy Land is a wonderful way to show your Faith and feel a real connection to the Land where Jesus Lived.♡

Please note:- that each Cross is unique as each one is made with love and may differ very slightly from that pictured due to natural of the Olive Wood & Mother Of Pearl.
We sell quality not quantity.. 

Free gift with each purchase made as a gesture of appreciation.   . 

" The Wood From The Tree Of Life, Who Grasp It Will Experience Eternal Happiness." Proverbs 3:18 (Olive Tree).  

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+☆ Your purchase supports Christian Craftsman and their families in Bethlehem,The Birthplace of Jesus Christ.☆+ 

Kindly check our other unique items for sale...God bless..

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