A Beautiful Baby Cradled In Angel Wings

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A very inspiring story written by Carleen, Baby Nathan's Mother 
Baby Nathan's Life:
Our first son Nathan was dearly wanted, but sadly he passed away in the womb with no warning, at 23 weeks gestation (5.5 months). He was born naturally on 15 May 2011, weighing 585 grams and measuring 31 cm - a perfectly formed, albeit tiny, human being.

We had a memorial service and cremation, but struggled for over 6 years to find a permanent resting place for his ashes. The available ornaments were either for outdoors, or were too small, too big or just not right for us as a family.
Our involvement: 
But one day at Mass, I heard about The Bethlehem Nativity Group from a kind gentleman named Nicholas. I was in awe of the craftsmanship and discussed with my husband the possibility of having an ornament carved for Nathan. My husband thought it was too good to be true, but with many kind messages back and forth between Nicholas and I, we agreed on an individual piece. Our angel would get his resting place at last! A beautiful baby cradled in angel wings, and the box to hold Nathan’s ashes that the angel would rest on.
His ashes were kept in our bedroom, in the original cardboard box from the crematorium, for 6 years until I heard of TBNG at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Collier Row. 

From first contact to receiving the carving was just under 8 weeks. And after 6 years of waiting, this was no time at all. Nicholas even hand delivered it to us personally which was such a nice touch, and we couldn’t be more grateful to him and The Bethlehem Nativity Group.

Now Nathan and his angel sit on the top of our bookshelf in the warmth of our sitting room. We feel at peace knowing that our son is part of the family once more, and he gets to watch the fun that his two younger brothers are having too.
Finally we had a beautiful ornament for our home and a final resting place for our eldest son at last. Thank you, TBNG!  
                                  Rest In Peace Baby Nathan
Please remember Baby Nathan and his family in your prayers