St Dominic Statue

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From a piece of olive wood tree into a piece of art of St Dominic! Stage by stage and all done by hand from one of the finest artist in the Holy Land named Emad.

The Story:-
A Lady saw our beautiful display of olive wood in one of the Parishes across London,she kindly asked if we are able to make a large statue of St Dominic for her son's ordination.
However after plenty of calls and emails to and from the Holy Land we were able to Carve the statue,The most difficult part was finding the large one piece of dried Olive tree, And all we received from the lady is an ordinary picture taken from google        .

Artist Emad then printed the picture of the same size of the log then started working day and night.

From a picture of St Dominic into a hand carved statue.Over 8 month work day by day until this piece of art has been done and arrived safely at The Dominican Friars in Oxford, Oxfordshire