Beautiful Olive Wood Bracelet Benediction Cross With Icons, Made in Jerusalem, The Holy LAND

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" The Wood From The Tree Of Life, Who Grasp It Will Experience Eternal Happiness." Proverbs 3:18 (Olive Tree). 

This Stunning bracelet is made of grade A, olive wood, from the Holy Land. Each bead is about 0.5cm / 0.197 inch and the Bracelet chain is made of silver strong metal and beads are joined together.

The Cross is about 2 cm in length and is made of Silver. 
The beads have been individually cut, sanded and polished. 

Great Additional Information:- 

* Hand Made from the Olive Tree.
* Cross and two icons ( Sacred Heart Of Our Blessed Mother Mary & Jerusalem Cross ) made from Silver.
* Benediction Cross at the back of the Cross.
* Beads are joined with a strong metal spring and its adjustable to fit any hand.
* Unisex Christian Bracelet for all ages ( above 7 years, due to small pieces) Children ( Above 7 due to small pieces ) and adults.
* Comes wrapped in a nice authentic factory package. 
* Beautiful gift for you, Priest , Nun , Minister, Friend & Family or any loved one.

Because of the difference in grains of wood, each bead is different, as is each Bracelet. Each one is unique in colour, So there is no two alike. 

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Your purchase Supports Christians families in the Holy Land.

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Thank you and God bless.